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Twin Tower Demolition: Lesson for Creators & Influencers

The Twin Tower Demolition in Noida is a lesson not only for the Real Estate Industry but also for  Creators and Social Media Influencers who violate social media laws and regulations.

The demolition of the twin towers is symbolic of New India which is all about protecting consumers’ interests and following laws & regulations.

Supertech’s Twin Towers in Noida believed to be the tallest buildings in India were demolished on Sunday 28 August 2022, following the Supreme Court of India’s ruling. Supertech has lost almost 900 crore rupees due to the demolition of the Twin Towers. According to the Supreme Court, the twin towers violated several laws and building regulations.

A Lesson from Twin Tower Demolition for Content Creators and Social Media Influencers

Most social media influencers and brands are adhering to guidelines laid down by Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA), a regulatory authority set up under Section 10 of the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, and the Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) which is a voluntary self-regulatory organization of the advertising industry in India.

Laws and regulations surrounding Influencer Marketing are being reformed globally to make it a transparent and responsible business segment of the advertising industry.

Social media influencers should take cautionary notes and ensure that their social media ads are free of ambiguity and follow social media laws and regulations. Before signing influencer marketing contracts and agreements with the brand, content creators and influencers must do due diligence about the endorsement they make. Social media influencers are also responsible for being a part of a brand’s misleading advertisements and can’t get away.

Regulatory authorities such as the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) and ASCI are empowered to act against No-Compliant social media influencers and brands to protect consumers’ interests.

In the coming days, regulatory authorities have a huge role to play to enforce the guidelines to enhance transparency, protect consumer’s rights and prevent wrongdoing of brands and influencers.

The biggest lesson for social media influencers from the demolition of the twin towers is that you can reach any height but if you do not follow the laws and regulations of the land, you are bound to come down!

Remember, it takes years to build a structure, but a few minutes are enough to turn it into rubble.

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Twin Tower Demolition: Lesson for Creators & Influencers
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