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AiMCO releases two Guides for influencers and brands

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) has published two guidelines documents outlining influencer marketing advertising requirements related to responsible alcohol advertising, in response to concerns received from regulators.

Regulatory bodies, including the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA), have issued guidance and warned creators and brands to ensure social media content complies with the legal framework.

The Australian Influencer Marketing Council (AiMCO) stands as a guiding force in the realm of influencer marketing, aiming to set industry standards that prioritize ethical practices. For influencers navigating the promotional landscape of alcohol-related products, AiMCO’s guidelines provide a comprehensive framework to ensure responsible advertising.

The AiMCO Guide:

– addresses the TGA Advertising Code with regard to influencer marketing;
– explains the difference between an endorsement and a testimonial (the latter unacceptable);
– guides influencers and creators on important content considerations regarding the TGA Advertising Code; and
– provides content scenarios to help clarify an endorsement versus a testimonial.

AiMCO is the foremost Australian industry body that brings together the expertise of a diverse collective of industry professionals, marketers and content creators who are committed to elevating influencer marketing best practice, campaign measurement and industry knowledge.

Read AiMCO Press Release:

[1] Therapeutic Goods Administration TGA –
[2] The Alcohol Beverages Advertising Code Scheme ABAC –

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AiMCO releases two Guides for influencers and brands
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