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Influencer Marketing Laws in India | Best Legal Guide

Navigating the legal landscape of influencer marketing laws in India and staying compliant with guidelines for influencers advertising in digital media is crucial for brands, creators, and influencers alike. Social media platforms have become increasingly popular, and a new kind of internet celebrity has emerged, so it’s no wonder brands are using bloggers, vloggers (“Creators”), […]

Why do Influencers need Professional Legal help?

Believe it or not, the reality is Creators and Influencers need professional legal help to grow. With the current trend of online trolling, boycotts, and cancel culture, it becomes crucial for influencers to understand their legal rights and accountability when it comes to the transactional aspects of content creation and brand promotion. Social Media Influence […]

Legal Compliance for Social Media Influencers

Legal Compliance for Social Media Influencers will be a top priority now after the new advertising guidelines by the Central Consumer Protection Authority (CCPA) came into force in June 2022. Social Media Influencers have to screen and check claims they make in ads or face legal consequences. Legal Compliance for Social Media Influencers An Advertising […]

Amitabh Bachchan social media posts may be removed?

Amitabh Bachchan social media posts may be removed under CCPA’s new advertising guidelines. Because, the new government guidelines prohibit people with large numbers of followers from promoting anything without a disclaimer. After the CCPA’s new advertising guidelines went into effect last month, endorsers, individuals, and influencers are being asked to review and verify the claims […]

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