Influencer Legal Services for Creators and Influencers

Our Influencer Legal Services are unique, affordable, cost-effective, and tailor-made for Creators, Social Media Influencers, Brands, Agencies, and all other Creative Professionals. Our experienced and tech-savvy social media Influencer lawyer provides you with the best legal support to protect you, your content, and your creative expressions so you can pursue what you love.

Our Influencer legal services are:

Influencer Contracts

Influencer contracts & agreements are becoming increasingly complex: Assisting you in understanding contracts and agreements’ complex nature from a commercial, compliance, and performance perspective. A breach of contract is common and a contract is the first layer of protection in the event of a dispute.

Copyright & Trademark

Protect what belongs to you – brand and creative expressions: Everything from your social media handles to your domains, images, and hashtags to the content you create is your intellectual property and must be protected to enhance your competitive advantage. Intellectual property is a valuable intangible asset.

Complex Litigation

A litigation lawyer can make or break your case: Sometimes there is no choice but to face a lawsuit and at that time you need experienced litigation lawyers to defend you in court. Litigation is time-consuming, lengthy, and expensive. We are capable to handle any complex litigation.

Dispute Resolution

Getting caught in a dispute can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming: When disputes arise in a business relationship, the situation can often be complex and frustrating as well as challenging. We provide strategies to resolve high-stakes, high-profile and complex legal disputes quickly and efficiently.

Digital Compliance

Stay compliant and move fast without breaking the law and regulations: Compliance reduces the risk of fines, business suspension, litigation, financial loss, and business closure. It’s important to comply with rapidly-changing advertising laws and regulations. Be compliant and reduce the risk of legal consequences.

Due Diligence & Risk Mitigation

It is essential to verify claims and their legal consequences: Endorsers are now required to conduct prior due diligence to verify the accuracy of any claims they make regarding the goods or services they endorse. Before entering into an endorsement deal, we help you identify the legal consequences and financial risks.


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